Welcome to my world of abstract and expressive art, there is much to see here especially if you are interested in the understanding of abstract art. I am very open to discussion and connecting with the outside world, you can follow, network and like my efforts through popular social media applications. Alternatively, if there is an interest to buy some art, you have also come to the right place. Whether you are just browsing or want to engage I hope you enjoy what I have to offer within my site.




Nobody really understands a particular work of abstract expressionism; they didn’t create it. Expressive work is very personal and is difficult to articulate an explanation. I never try to understand what I do a lot of the time, it’s just too difficult. There are no real words to describe my paintings I like to believe they speak their own words.

I paint pictures of emotional situations and the inspiration begins with living my life. Being aware of what is around me can be the result of getting into people, their reactions, their emotions and their perceptions. I often channel mindfulness into the world around me; I feel inspiration in the seasonal changes, sensations when I feel the sun on my face or rain pounding on the roof. The science begins with the thought process. I tap into the moment, my environment, the way nature makes me feel and apply this to my composition. I don’t paint what I look at, I paint what I feel and the colours and shapes have some meaning for me. The result lets me move from arranged paint on a blank canvas to an expressive world of subject matter full of life and waiting for your communication.

























Working abstractly yet in proportion to the viewpoint; my aim is to produce emotional paintings that will be filled with light, energy and a noticeable sense of place. Mood and colour play significant roles for the composition with vibrant, earthy and harmonious colours working and singing the rhythmic song of life. Painting with conviction and allowing my creative decisions to lead; I eliminate the small intricacies of the detailed view to release itself from any order or formality. The subject matter is ever present in an orchestra of mark making, gestures and nuances creating my world that is parallel to nature. There is a unifying connection present by suggestion of a familiar surrounding or landmark to recognise, but that is where the subjective elements begin and cease to be. This is my expressive rendering of the nature that surrounds me.


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