AE Exhibition 2020

My most recent exhibition is a creation of abstract expressionist paintings whilst the U.K. has been in lockdown. Each piece has been driven by the emotions I have experienced and endured; anxiety, fear, hope, family and community play a part in these works.


I try to see myself entering through a portal as a visionary experience, each piece of work I have created has become its own set of parametric equations. The application of paint is mix of mathematical equations in essence to my own feelings. Each one to the other, changing in structure as works on canvas. Held within the parameters of the framework representing the whole, or completeness of my total feelings during a particular place in time.

Abstract Expressionism is very often a mixture of mathematical equations and human feelings worked out in the slinging of paint on large canvas. Jackson Pollock was known as a Physicist Pioneer. He wasn’t just dribbling paint unabated, his method was a mix of physics and of his feelings.

Here are a selection of images from an extensive 14-piece collection.

These paintings can be viewed in situ and purchased at DMD Interior Design.

1 Lower Lane