2014 - Summer Senses (Paintings)


Summer Senses (Paintings)

"I will grab your attention; I will be the centrepiece of your space, it’s all about me. Don’t just look at me, see me, look into my soul, I want you to feel my rhythm and understand me. My being has no recognisable form; I am the evolution of my own nature that is free from reality. The communication we are now engaging transcends into your soul and stirs your emotions. You have found my heart and soul within the four walls of this frame, I am Abstract Expressionism"


Summer Senses is a collection of feelings and moods taken from a period of Spring 2013 to Autumn 2014. This a collection of the paintings that came from the many studies trying to capture my own sensory moments, the colours are vibrant and contrasting. My aim is to express the coolness of the night, the warmth and light of day. I wanted to capture the sense of city lights to the openess and calming experience of the open field. a few paintings still remain available to own from the collection.

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